Inside "The Jungle Murders" With David Payne & Jody Gottlieb

Three homeless teenagers are accused of entering a Seattle homeless encampment known as “the Jungle” and opening fire in 2016. “The Jungle Murders” caused a massive stir in the city, leading to the closure of the encampment. Brothers James and Jerome Taafulisia, who were 16 and 17 at the time, along with their 13-year-old brother, are accused of entering the camp with the intent of robbing a drug dealer. Depending on which attorney you choose to believe, the brothers were either looking for a huge payday by robbing the drug dealer or were hustled into taking the fall by older, more-criminally savvy members of their tight-knit Samoan community.

The critically acclaimed podcast “Somebody Somewhere,” created and hosted by former prosecutor David Payne and former CNN producer Jody Gottlieb, follows all the twists and turns of this still-unresolved case.

David and Jody talked with @GaryandShannon about this true crime mystery today!

Here's a little taste of the "Somebody Somewhere" podcast.

Ya know, if you just can't wait any longer.

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