Parenting 101: Putting Your Legs Where Your Mouth Is

Jason Hilly is not messing around.

Call his bluff, I dare you.

Because you are definitely going to regret it.

(Let's be clear. It doesn't matter what anybody other than Jason thinks about his daughter's shorts. He's her parent, so he decides the family values and he decides what modesty looks like in their family. We're just here because we think he's a pretty great dad for being so engaged and so fun.)

You heard Jason correctly.

"I will pick you up at school every day with these on."

That's his warning to his daughter if she ever wears her shorts out in public.

It's not because he's mad at her. It's because he cares about her and he wants her to value herself just like he values her.

I don't care what you say, that's how you parent right there.

He's not yelling at her and he's not belittling her. He's just making it clear that he doesn't approve of her actions and he's willing to put his legs where his mouth is.

And, regardless of how embarrassed she may be right now, I can pretty much guarantee that she'll be able to look back at this moment and realize that her dad was pretty awesome for loving her enough to forego his own pride for the sake of showing her how much he loves her.

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