#TerrorInTheSkies: Turbulence Tossing & Russian Ranting

You may wanna go back and look at that video again.

It happens pretty quickly, but if you watch carefully, you see the flight attendant and her cart hitting THE CEILING OF THE PLANE!

The turbulence was so strong and so abrupt that she actually went airborne with her beverage cart, tossing food and drinks all over the passengers.

According to ABC7, the passenger that recorded this video believed that the ALK Airlines flight was going to crash on its way from Pristina, Kosovo to EuroAirport Basel.

Reports say multiple people were burned by hot water from the cart and 10 people went to the hospital once they landed.

The name's "Dima."

"Dima from Moscow."

And Dima is a man of many talents, at least when it comes to languages.

During an Aeroflot flight from Barcelona to Moscow, Dima, who appeared to be drunk, went on a lengthy rant in Russian, Spanish, and English.

It seemed to focus on his complaints about his experience in business class.

"Business class is useless! I had an unpleasant accident… this is why we are landing in Warsaw now. But I promise…. I am Dmitry from Moscow."

And if you feel like sorting through all of the men named Dmitry in Moscow, he would love to connect with you.

"Hey everyone, add me on Facebook!"

According to Daily Mail, Dima was removed from the plane by Polish police when the plane was forced to land early, and an investigation is being carried out to look into a criminal case against him.

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