SHLS - Anti-Vaccination Advocates Protest Outside the Los Angeles Times

Many doctors and nurses are helping to vaccinate to protect a disease for a baby.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Earlier this week, a group of anti-vaccination advocates protested outside of the Los Angeles Times.

We don't have much information on the protest besides this Tweet.

Wait, what's this?

Why is this sign in "Star Wars" font? It's not even just the font. There's stars in the background. Does that have anything to do with kids getting vaccines?

So, why did this galaxy-themed protest get started?

We're not entirely sure. Matt Pearce, the one who posted the photo to his Twitter linked to this article from the Los Angeles Times titled "Anti-Vaccine Activists Have Doctors 'Terrorized into Silence' with Online Harassment". He provided no context, so we can only speculate with why the protesters showed up.

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