US Military Releases Video; Claims Iran of Taking Mine off Tanker

The United States military has released a video claiming to show Iran's Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded mine from one of the oil tankers targeted near the Gulf of Oman.

They claim this suggests that the Islamic Republic sought to remove any evidence of its involvement from the explosions and Iran has hit back accusing the US of launching an "Iranophobic campaign" against them.

As reported by the AP:

While Iran has denied being involved in the attack, Tehran previously used mines against oil tankers in 1987 and 1988 in the “Tanker War,” when the U.S. Navy escorted ships through the region.
The black-and-white footage, as well as still photographs released by the U.S. military’s Central Command on Friday, appeared to show the limpet mine on the Kokuka Courageous.
A Revolutionary Guard patrol boat pulled alongside the ship and removed the mine, Central Command spokesman Capt. Bill Urban said.

See the video below:

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