Jon Stewart Breaks Down In Tears After Receiving A Jacket From A 9/11 Hero

This is touching.

A recent video has been shared across social media showing Jon Stewart breaking down in tears after a group of 9/11 first responders honored him with a jacket worn by one of the NYC firefighters who died of cancer after responding to the terrorist attack.

The sweet moment happened moments before Stewart made a moving appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

The gift that Stewart received was a turnout coat worn by Ray Pfiefer.

Pfiefer served more than 27 years with FDNY and worked eight months of aid recovery at Ground Zero after the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11.

Unfortunately in 2009 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Pfiefer and Stewart met in 2015 and worked together to fight for the extension of the Zadroga Act. This act would make sure first responders would receive healthcare until 2019.

Two years later, Pfeifer passed away in a hospice in Port Washington, New York. Stewart eulogized Pfeifer at his funeral. 

Using his platform on Comedy Central, Stewart often lobbied Congress to pass legislation helping the firefighters.

So before his appearance before lawmakers, Kenny Specht wanted to surprise Stewart.

One of the coats Pfeifer wore while he was a member of the East Meadow Fire Department on Long Island, was won at an auction by John Feal.

Specht explained that Feal bought the jacket for the sole purpose of gifting it to Stewart.

'I believe everyone here in this hallway have learned brotherhood and camaraderie because we all have one mission,' Specht said.

'We appreciate your help Jon, and this comes from John, and this comes from everybody in this hallway.'

Overwhelmed with emotion, Stewart begins to shed tears.

'I don't deserve this,' he said.

'But I will treasure it, like I treasured Ray and our friendship. And all of you.

'And we're going to do it today. Not just for Ray. But for all you guys and the people he was fighting for.'

'It's beautiful,' Stewart said of the jacket. 'Thank you.'

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