Drivers In San Diego Are Open To Other Transit Options

San Diego Pulls "Finest City" Designation

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Commuting options in Southern California that don't involving driving a car are almost all unbearable to use.

Officials can all agree that getting residents to use public transportation such as trolleys, buses, and bikes has been a losing battle.

Can you blame the residents though?

Have you seen the conditions of them though?

They're absolutely horrible.

However, it turns out residents in the San Diego area are open to other transit options.

In a survey conducted by the region's top transportation agency, more than half of commuters voted that they were open to finding different options of transportation.

“I’m not surprised that people said if you give me a fast convenient transit, ‘I’ll take it,’” said Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of SANDAG. “Every commuter survey I’ve been part of in California gets to the same point.”

The condition is that the city has to do something to dramatically fix the transit options.

Hopefully they do.

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