Video: Monkey Escapes Home, Eludes Ohio Police

A monkey took a note from Curious George when he decided to make a break from his keeper and explore an Ohio neighborhood.

Residents in Braceville Township called police and the sheriff's office to report the monkey, a five-year-old named Teeko.

Teeko had left his home late Sunday night and was seen the next morning at a gas station.

Workers there called 911 to report the runaway...employee Jessica Richardson recounts the events:

"As the owner came up, the monkey seen him and the monkey took off this direction, behind the red and blue truck, and the owner chased him all the way back around the parking lot...I was shocked, like, I thought the monkey might come up to somebody or get taken or we have huge semis driving through here all the time. I was like, 'What if a semi accidentally hit it?'"

Teeko was later seen in a nearby neighborhood where people captured video of him walking on the roof of a home:

Eventually the owner was able to catch Teeko and no one was hurt.

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