Even More Rodents Found In L.A. After City "Cleaned Up" The Streets

Homelessness In Los Angeles Jumps 20 Percent From 2016 Numbers

Photo: Getty Images.

Not too long ago, the NBC4 I-Team investigated the increasing rat problem in Los Angeles and found that not much (at all) was being done by the city to fix it...

They addressed the problem, and the city of Los Angeles promised to clean it up. But last night, the I-Team found that, once again, the city had failed to do what they vowed, and now "the city's rodent population is growing pushing rats and possible diseases closer to homes and businesses."

Even though Mayor Garcetti claimed the streets were "cleaned up," rodent experts say nothing is close to clean...

"I've never seen this many droppings, ever," Niamh Quinn, Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor with University of California Cooperative Extension, told the I-Team after inspecting an area near the Produce District last Friday.

"Rats are everywhere," Quinn said. "And it's just not acceptable to expose people to this amount of disease."

See the full report on NBC4.

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