1 Dead 6 Injured After Crane Crashes into Dallas Apartment Building

One woman is dead and five other people were injured after a crane crashed into an Old East Dallas apartment building on Sunday while a violent storm pummeled the Dallas-Fort Worth area, authorities said.

According to Jason Evans, a spokesperson for the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, the five wounded people were in serious and critical conditions and were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center. A sixth person was also hospitalized after the accident, but they were later released, Evans said.

Rescue crews searching through the apartment found a woman who was later pronounced dead.

At the time of the crane's collapse, severe weather was moving through DFW, with winds of up to 70 mph reported by the National Weather Service. However, officials have not confirmed whether the storm was responsible for the crane's collapse.

An eye witness located several blocks away managed to catch video of the crane's collapse and posted it to Twitter Sunday afternoon.

The crane tore through the top four floors of the apartment building located in downtown Dallas's city center. It's unclear how many floors in the garage collapsed.

One resident who lives at the apartment the crane crashed into, said the accident sounded like a "large bang."

"Most insane thing I've ever experienced," 34-year-old Ryan Lowe wrote on Twitter. "Massive crane blew over into my complex. Missed my unit by 2 doors."

The crane, which collapsed around 2 p.m. on Sunday, was being used for a construction project located next door to the apartment building. Evans said he wasn't sure if the crane was being used on Sunday at the time of the collapse.

"We are currently working to help determine the scope of damage caused by the collapse, and consult with management on what they'll need to do going forward," Evans said in a written statement the Dallas Morning News reported.