SHLS - One of the Country's Most Deadly Serial Killers Is in Prison in CA

Photo courtesy of Ector County, Texas, Sheriff's Office

Samuel Little is one of the country's worst serial killers.

The Los Angeles Times reports that police have linked him to at least 60 killings in around 14 states and he has admitted to killing 93 women.

Now that he is in prison and 79 years old, he has been very willing to give information to investigators about some of the cold cases that he may have been involved in.

Bobby Bland the District Attorney for Ector County says, "At this point in his life, I think he's determined to make sure that his victims are found".

Back in 2014, when he was on trial in LA, he was not as forthcoming as he is now. Bland believes that Texas Ranger James Holland was able to gain his trust and get him to talk.

Bland states, "There's still been no false information given. Nothing has been proven to be false".

Most of Little's victims were suffocated in some way.

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