Orange County Awards $1.1 Million to Mother of Man Shot 18 Times by Cop

Justice Scales and books and wooden gavel

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Back in 2013, police were called to a condominium complex in Laguna Niguel. There, Connor Zion had already cut his mother and a roommate with a 12-inch long knife. Zion had a history of mental illness and when he saw the police, he charged at them saying, "I'll kill you".

Then, Deputy Michael Higgins opened fire, shooting Zion nine times before he fell. Higgins went up to Zion and shot him nine more times and then stomped on his head three times. Higgins was awarded a Medal of Valor for his actions that night and has since been promoted to sergeant.

The Orange County Register reports that in January, a federal jury found that Higgins had used excessive force. Zion's mother was awarded $360,000 by the jury and on Tuesday she settled for $1.1 million with the county Board of Supervisors.

The dash-cam footage has been released and is provided below. It is violent and some people may find it disturbing, so viewer discretion is advised.

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