East Bay Man in Trouble Over Swastika in Front Yard

An El Sobrante man has pissed off his neighbors with his newly done over front yard.

No, it's not some gaudy gnomes or candidate signs...it's a GIANT swastika.

Several news outlets have reported that Steven Johnson landscaped a huge swastika in his front lawn and unsurprisingly his neighbors aren't into it.

However, Johnson is on the offense claiming that the sign isn't what everyone thinks it is...from the article in SF Gate:

"It's a Tibetan sign that's way back before swastikas were invented," he told ABC7 reporters, who then asked him, "Are you Tibetan?"
Johnson reportedly answered, "I could be."
About that Tibetan swastika, a symbol of spirituality known as a sauwastika in Buddhist traditions — it faces the left rather than right-facing Hindu swastika, which was appropriated by the Nazis. Johnson's swastika faces right.
Maybe he just got his swastikas crossed up.

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