LAX Welcomes `Eco-Friendly' United Airlines Flight

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - When United Airlines flight 310 landed at Los Angeles International Airport today, it immediately earned the distinction of the most ``eco-friendly'' commercial flight in aviation history.

Billed as the ``Flight for the Planet,'' the trip by a Boeing 737- 900ER aircraft made use of sustainable aviation biofuel, while generating zero cabin waste, remaining carbon-neutral and making use of ``operational efficiencies'' such as all-electric ground handling equipment.

In conjunction with the flight, United reiterated its commitment to purchase up to 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation biofuel at LAX, making the airport United's ``eco-hub.''

``Investing in sustainable aviation biofuel is one of the most effective measures a commercial airline can take to reduce its impact on the environment,'' United President Scott Kirby said in a statement. ``As leaders in this space, (Los Angeles World Airports), United and World Energy are setting an example for the industry on how innovators can work together to bring our customers, colleagues and communities toward a more sustainable future.''

United has been purchasing biofuel at LAX since 2016, becoming the first airline in the world to use such fuel for continuous commercial aircraft operations, airport officials said.

United Airlines last year committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050.

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