Homeless Woman Sticks Man With Syringe At A Taco Bell Drive-Thru

Taco Bell Where Jose Padilla Worked

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There's some things you shouldn't have to worry about.

Being struck by a syringe while ordering food through a drive-thru is definitely one of them.

But let's be realistic, this is California. This is something we need to be hyper aware of.

Sadly, Ralph Bedoe experienced this and hard to learn the lesson the hard way.

During a trip to get fast food in the Midway District, while he was in his car ordering food at Taco Bell, Bedoe saw a homeless woman close by.

"She was rambling, throwing up her hands, talking to herself," said Bedoe.

He then recalls see the homeless woman hit the hood and window of a bus in a parking lot, before she headed towards him.

"She kind of hit my mirror and started rambling ... I said 'Do you need something?' Don't know if that's when something triggered," said Bedoe.

Without really thinking about the danger of this, Bedoe kept his driver side window while his arm rested there.

"All of a sudden she pulled up her left hand, which had a bag and a syringe with a needle sticking out. She pushed my hand into the car, and when she pushed my hand, the syringe entered my hand," said Bedoe.


How is this even right?

A man shouldn't have to worry about attracting disease while ordering food at a fast-food chain.

Once the shock of what happened started to swindle down, Bedoe thought of his 6-month-old son.

"If I did contract something, how is that going to change my life with him? How is this going to change with length of life with him?" said Bedoe.

That's just wrong. He did nothing wrong and how his relationship with his son may be altered.

Because of the encounter, Bedoe must undergo months of blood tests to rule diseases.

To make matters even worse, Bedoe was in the process of switching medical insurances and was not covered at the time of his attack. So now he is stuck with a $3,400 dollar medical bill.

This is just sad, but also this is the new reality of what California is.

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Listen to John and Ken discuss this story as the answer the question if they would rather step in poo or be injected with a syringe below:

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