A Look Into The Dirty Streets Of Downtown Los Angeles

Have you noticed that downtown Los Angeles is starting to smell... even worse? You're not the only one.

ABC 7's AIR7HD took a tour of the downtown area on Monday, and found that the homeless, trash, and even fecal matter has worsened the already disgusting AND dangerous scene.

"There's chairs, there's furniture, there's mattresses, and in some cases, blocking entire streets," said helicopter reporter Scott Reiff.

"Fecal matter causes a health and safety issue and people work down here, so we have to walk through it," said Dalila Flintroy, who works in downtown.

Several streets on Skid Row were power washed Monday, after increased concern and outcry from nearby residents. But will that make a difference?

"I know a lot of people think we should have snapped our fingers and it should be done with," Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Monday.

You can report any illegal dumping by calling the Sanitation Department hotline number at (800) 773-2489.

Read the full story on ABC7.

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