The Dark World of Succulents

Did you know there's a black market for succulents?

The Washington Post reports that three men, Byungsu Kim, Youngin Back, and Bong Jun Kim were charged with stealing over "$600,000 worth of wild succulents" found in Northern California and smuggling them to Asian countries such Korea.

A game warden with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Pat Freeling, says, "Right now these plants are a boom in Korea, China and Japan. It's huge among domestic housewives. It's a status thing".

So what's the big deal with all these "succulent poachers"?

Our in-house succulent expert and owner/founder of Succs for You LA, Katie Robinette, came in to talk about this succulent black market.

Before she left, she gave us a wonderful, new addition to the GaS family. Everyone, meet Succy!

If you want to know more about Succs for You LA, check out their website here.

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