New Report Confirms "Poor Sanitary Conditions" At L.A. City Hall

CatsUSA Pest Control was hired by the city of Los Angeles last year to report on the rat-infested City Hall. At the time, most officials were downplaying the possibility of "poor sanitary conditions," however the pest control company's report now shows us the opposite.

The company found that several homeless encampments directly outside of L.A. City Hall created "harborage for rodents," and that human waste and hypodermic needles were to blame for their report of poor sanitary conditions. The report was issued on December 28, but was only made public last month after a request to City Hall.

“The homeless are using the grated areas above the pits as their bathroom and relieving themselves,” wrote David Costa, building construction and maintenance superintendent. “This is also attracting the rats. Custodial will need to do some hazmat cleaning of the grates and the pits. There are even hypodermic needles being tossed in the pits along with human waste and other garbage.”

They also recommended that the city clear out all homeless living in the Civic Center. According to Elena Stern, a spokeswoman for the city's Bureau of Sanitation, the Civic Center is cleaned every weekend.

If you remember the typhus outbreak in downtown L.A. last year, you probably remember us talking with Deputy City Atty. Elizabeth Greenwood about how she said she contacted typhus while working at City Hall East. Since then, she has filed a $5-million legal claim against the city.

“Ms. Greenwood believes weekly cleaning of the trash and human waste is not sufficient,” said Gayle Eskridge, Greenwood’s lawyer. “Ms. Greenwood states that the trash, urine and feces are occurring on a daily basis.”

Read the full report on the Los Angeles Times.

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