Join Dr. Wendy at a Liftique event on June 15

New Medical Advances to Tighten and Firm Your Skin WITHOUT Surgery- A Tighten Up With Liftique Medical Educational Seminar

Discover the latest medical science and technology advances that now allow you to have firmer, tighter, and smoother neck and face skin WITHOUT scalpels, scars or going under anesthesia.

Learn how the Liftique "One and Done" Premier Procedure helps reduce droopy jowls, smooth out crepey neck skin, and tighten up chin wattle while reducing facial wrinkles.

Discover how Liftique's non-surgical and minimally invasive technologies can give you a naturally younger appearance to help put a spring back into your step.

See dozens of actual result photos from the Liftique's "One and Done" Premier Procedure.

Learn about Liftique's minimally invasive skin tightening and contouring for the body, too!

Presented by:

Dr. Michael Hakimi- Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Liftique - Beverly Hills, Encino, Woodland Hills

Date And Time

Sat, June 15, 2019

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT

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KFI/iHeart Radio Exclusive Private Performance Studio

3400 W. Olive Ave. Across the Street from Whole Foods

Burbank, CA 91505


Agenda Details

Registration Desk Opens at 2:00PM

Presentation Starts at 2:15 PM

  • Learn how Liftique’s “One and Done” Premier Procedure activates your body’s OWN skin-tightening mechanism -- for a naturally-youthful appearance with no “over-pulled” look.
  • Discover how Liftique uses the latest FDA-approved energy based medical technologies to reduce, correct, and postpone the most common signs of visible aging – without surgery or painful procedures.

Plus... learn:

  • Scientific facts on how “anti-aging” creams and “skin tightening” serums compare to the latest advances in skin tightening, firming and rejuvenation.
  • Why increasing numbers of women and men are asking for alternatives to traditional face and neck lift surgery.
  • The difference between “non-surgical” and “minimally-invasive,” and why a combination of both treatment protocols is optimal.
  • What doctors and patients are saying about The LIFTIQUE™ “One and Done”Premier Procedure for face, chin, jowl tightening and neck smoothing – as well as unsightly bra rolls, back fat and loose arm skin.

Visit Liftique on Youtube to see our videos or click the link below to watch the highlights from our recent Liftique event in Orange County.

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