Trumps Mexico Tariffs Would Cause "Great Guacamole War of 2019" - Garcetti

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Mayor Eric Garcetti has some thoughts regarding President Trump's plan to start tariffs at 5% and go up from there if Mexico does not slow illegal border crossings. The LA Mayor says that doing so would make a lot more things expensive and lead to more people coming to the United States.

"You're going to see consumer goods, drinks, a lot of food, our produce - we'll see a lot of this in our pocketbook." Garcetti referred to the plan as "the great guacamole war of 2019." However, he adds that Trumps plan would impact more than avocado toast.

"In what persons mind do you think that making the economy worse than Mexico is going to improve the situation in terms of migrants coming here. So it seems to be a strategy that would only make the border worse. It's a strategy that would only make our economies worse."

Garcetti added, "And there's a strategy where hes passing on his illogical, illegal policies to all of us at the store."

Trump says the first round of tariffs will start June 10.

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