President Trump Wants to Stop Illegal Immigration by Imposing Tariffs


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The stock market just plummeted and some are saying this is because investors are responding to tariffs President Donald Trump wants to impose on Mexico.

The president described how the tariffs were going to work on Twitter.

Peter Navarro is the White House economic adviser.

On Friday he defended the tariffs President Trump wants to impose on Mexico saying, "If you look at it from an investor's point of view and a corporate point of view, what we have in Mexico is the export, one of their high exports, of illegal aliens". He went on to call it a "criminal enterprise" because Mexico is helping the smuggling of illegal aliens from Central America to the United States.

He said, "What's happening now is Mexico, by being a bystander in this criminal enterprise is imposing enormous costs on the United States. On our welfare system, on or criminal justice system.

Read more about the story at the Washington Times.

Listen to John talk to Mark Krikorian, the Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies, about it below!

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