Los Angeles Agrees To Let The Homeless Keep Skid Row

Los Angeles To Allow Homeless To Sleep On Sidewalks

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I'm not sure if we expected Los Angeles to care, or even do anything about it.

It's really isn't shocking, but the city is giving up the fight.

Actually, fight is a strong word.

There is absolutely no fight from city officials.

They've decided to roll over and die and let the homeless win.

Who cares they they're filthy, ruining our streets, not paying taxes, or committing crimes. They get to keep Skid Row.

In case you need a reminder, the map below shows exactly what is considered "Skid Row".

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“It’s good to know people’s right to property is going to be protected,” said General Dogon of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, a skid row anti-poverty group and a plaintiff in the case.

Rightfully so, some people are upset. I mean this is THEIR city. They vote on the laws, they pay their taxes, and they have real jobs and a house.

Nick Previsich, who lives in a downtown LA apartment, said the settlement will simply expand the boundaries of skid row.

“We have rats. I’ve seen them coming in and out of the tents,” he said. "What’s going to happen is a proliferation of really, really serious health problems.”

Previsich has a point! You're letting the homeless run this town.

The city of Los Angeles is meant to be a free place for the homeless.

There's nothing positive about them being here.

It's a joke really. But John and Ken won't stop talking about it. They've spent decades highlighting the problems of the homeless and how the state of California handles it. So don't expect them to give up the fight either, just because our "elected officials" won't do anything about it.

For more information, please read here.

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