California Takes Steps To Outlaw Shampoo Bottles

You know those handy little shampoo bottles that they give you in hotels?

You like them?

Well, too bad!

Our politicians in this lovely state of California is doing all they can to have those outlawed.

It's all under Assembly Bill 1162. The bill barely passed, but it did, and its regulations would ban all hotels and rental homes from distributing small bottles of shampoo by the year 2024.

Assemblyman Ash Kalra wrote the bill, saying that the bottles are simply unnecessary and are negatively impacting the environment.

“Those tiny plastic shampoo bottles that are common in hotel rooms represent a sizable amount of waste that can be easily eliminated in more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives.”

The California Hotel and Lodging Association backed the bill, explaining that some chains are already switching their products.

Marriott is one of them. According to Los Angeles Times, Marriott says that estimates predict them saving 250 pounds of plastic per year at each one of their 140-room hotels because they do not have to distribute 23,000 bottles at each location.

Honestly, all of that is great.

Limiting waste?


You know what isn't great?

Passing bills just for the sake of passing bills.

Is this really how we want our politicians spending their time?

These are the same people complaining about income inequality. These are the same people complaining about homelessness. These are the same people complaining about diseases spreading through our streets like plagues.

So, just a thought, maybe stop your virtue signalling and spend your time working on bills that are a little bit more important.

It's called priorities, people!

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