Vagrants Have Turned the Metro into "The Red Line Motel"

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The "Red Line Motel" is apparently open on the Metro in LA.

There are so many vagrants sleeping on the Metro, it feels more like a homeless shelter than public transportation.

Resident of SoCal Brian Glendhill says that there are so many vagrants sleeping that he can't find any seats as he makes his trek to work. Even if there is a seat he says, "You can't sit down, afraid of sitting in someone's soiled seat. The seats are cloth so they stay damp. And so it's 45 minutes of standing".

There has been more of a police presence on the Metro lately, but that seems to be of little help. If a police officer asks a vagrant to get off the train, they will simply walk away and get on another train.

Although there is rarely violence due to the vagrants, the vagrant presence is enough to make train rides uncomfortable.

Another resident, Neicy Tovar, says, "Riding the train at night is just scary. People try and talk to you and you have to ignore them, keep to yourself".

She later goes on to say that she doesn't ride alone for this fear.

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