USC Was Warned of Gynecologist George Tyndall

University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, California, USA

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USC is in the middle of another scandal because of gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Tyndall was targeting "international students from Asian countries" for abuse and showed signs of psychopathy.

Why was he targeting these specific students?

Tyndall was taking advantage of their lack of language skills and ignorance of American culture around gynecology.

What did USC do?

Virtually nothing.

Once the initial reports came out, USC gave him some sort of financial compensation and allowed him to step down from his position without tarnishing his record.

Thanks to the LA Times, this "secret deal" was released to the public due to a court order.

How long has USC known about the Tyndall?

It has been quite a while.

He started working for USC back in 1989 and started getting complaints as early as 1997.

A student had filled out a complaint card claiming she new 20 other people, along with herself, that had complaints about Tyndall. The note also said, "If you don't want a huge future lawsuit on your hands, I highly suggest the termination of this man".

Along with this note, Tyndall's own colleagues had made complaints about his behavior.

According to one in 2003, Tyndall wasn't allowing medical assistants to come behind the curtain with him when he performed his exams.

Although Tyndall's supervisors had asked for assistance and guidance from USC, not much help was given.

An investigator was sent and asked colleagues and students about Tyndall's behavior. Students felt like he was "creepy" but no further investigation occurred.

This all took place 3 years before a nursing supervisor consulted a rape crisis counselor which led to Tyndall being placed on leave.

This leave brought up a report that showed his preference for Asian women and people who were "non-Asian, obese, or older" were not as likely to get a pelvic exam.

This report also showed that Tyndall's hoarding, hygiene, and other factors were signs of "underlying psychopathy".

This report will help with a class-action settlement as evidence of USC's complete mishandling of a disgusting situation.

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