North Carolina Teacher Quits After She Threatens To Shoot Up School

Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Office

Well, that's one way to quit your job.

A North Carolina teacher is being charged for threatening to "shoot up" her old elementary school.

38-year-old Kristen Thompson is facing a felony count of communicating a threat of mass violence.

How did Kristen get caught?

Well after she resigned on Friday, she told three of her fellow teachers that she'd send them a signal when to get out of school. The message that she was about to start shooting was allegedly, "the squash is ripe." These teachers took her threats seriously and told police officers.

"A threat of school violence is understandably unsettling for the community," Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a press release. "Please know that the school and law enforcement are working together as a team to ensure the last few weeks of the school year are safe and productive for our students.

Why would you do such a thing Kristen?

You quit.

We get it, you don't like your job.

Just shut up and leave.

What an idiot.

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