Woman Catches Gardener Touching Himself In Her Yard

Edgar Medina, a gardener based in the Los Angeles area, is facing charges of indecent exposure after a Camarillo women caught him with his pants down in her backyard.

In a Facebook video [Linked Below] you can hear the resident of the home, Jennifer Viviano, reacting as she sees Medina with his pants down and touching himself.

After posting the video, Viviano said she received messages from several other women who said they had had similar interactions with Medina.

On that same day in Camarillo, a similar incident was also reported. In that incident a hiker reported that they had seen a naked man touching himself while hiking.

Medina is now in police custody and facing charges of indecent exposure, with no confirmation by authorities if the two separate cases are related.

WARNING: Linked below is the original video posted on Facebook Jennifer Viviano. The following footage and language might be disturbing to some.

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