VIDEO: Woman Confronts Gardener With His Pants Down

People are disgusting. We could've told you this.

Sadly a Camarillo woman had to experience this herself after she caught her gardener with his pants down, touching himself, at her home earlier this month.

Jennifer Viviano told CBS 2 that she immediately grabbed her cell phone to document what was happening and the confrontation that followed.

“What are you doing? What the f— are you doing?” she yells in the video, which shows the gardener, identified as Edgar Medina, hastily pulling up his pants and trying to get his belt back on.

In the video, the gardener hurries out of the yard while repeatedly saying, “nothing. Nothing.”

“I just could not believe what I was seeing. I was furious that he felt that he could do this in my home and violate me in my home,” Jennifer told reporters..

What an extreme violation of privacy and indecency. Viviano said she filed a police report with the Ventura County Sheriff's Department the day it happened. But being filed with utter disbelief still, she posted the video to social media.

The video quickly spread and caused other women to speak up on similar experiences they had with the same man.

What a creep, we hope he is caught and charged. He can't get away with this.

According to police records, Medina has since been arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

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