San Clemente To Set Up Emergency Shelter For Growing Homeless Problem

Enough is enough for San Clemente residents.

After a growing homeless problem looks to have no change, the San Clemente City Council voted this week to set up an emergency homeless shelter. Over hundreds of residents packed the council meeting to protect the rising number of homeless people allowed to reside on the city's beach area.

The meeting came to light after another video was shared on social media highlighting the rat infestation in the homeless camp.

“With summer coming, it’s a bit like the movie ‘Jaws,’ we’re little Amityville here, but instead of a great white shark, we’ve got drugs, prostitution, alcoholism,” one man told the council.

Residents begged the council to move the vagrants from the town's popular surf spot to a more secure part of the city near Avenida Pico and Avendia Vista Hermosa. This would have tents and bathrooms available for the homeless.

After hours of rage and concern from the residents, the city council voted unanimously to set up the temporary shelter.

“The summer’s coming, and I wanted to sign my son up for beach camp, boogie boarding, and it’s at North Beach, and I can’t do that,” resident Shari Grace told reporters. “I’m afraid of the needles, and I’m afraid of the rats, I’m afraid of the blood that’s on the sidewalk.”

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John and Ken speak with San Clemente City Council Woman, Laura Ferguson on the town's meeting and emergency shelter. Listen to their conversation below:

Many show listeners still aren't pleased with the city's response. One listener sent in a map of where San Clemente will be setting up shelter.

Because of the outrage, John and Ken take listener calls from San Clemente residents on their feelings and comments on the city's efforts. Listen to their conversations below:

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