Want A Patagonia Vest? Follow This 1 Simple Rule

  1. Prioritize The Planet

That's it.

There's just one simple rule keeping your employer from ordering one of those $100 Patagonia vests for every single person in the office.

(If your planet-destroying company already gets these for all employees, have no fear. This new rule only applies to first-time buyers.)

I know, it seems a little ridiculous that we'd stop and take time to talk about Patagonia's rules for businesses regarding ordering their vests for their employees, but we have a reason.

It is impacting recruiting.


According to BroBible.com, these Patagonia "power vests" have become so synonymous with powerful, prosperous companies that men see them as a sign of upward mobility.

With companies like Carhartt and North Face in constant competition with Patagonia, it may seems like a surprising rule to roll out. But, when you consider the fact that Patagonia pledges 1% of their sales to environmental causes, it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal

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