Wag! Dog Walker Caught Naked On Dog Cam

Photo Credit: Rosie Brown

A women from the Bay Area was surprised with footage from her doggy cam earlier this month after it showed her hired dog sitter walking around naked in her home and bring her boyfriend over. The women caught on tape, Casey Brengle, was hired through the dog sitting app "Wag!"

Brengle had been payed $315 by the owner, Rosie Brown, to pet sit her two dogs for 4 1/2 days. Apart of that payment agreement, Brown also made Brengle aware of the fact that she had a doggy cam on the kitchen counter that monitored what was happening in the house.

The dog sitter Brengle did have 210 five-star reviews on the "Wag!" app, but that rating didn't match up with some of her actions. Via the doggy cam, Brengle is seen trough various clips walking about naked in the home, sitting on the couch naked, bringing over friends, and most upsetting to the owner Brown, bringing over her boyfriend to the house as well. As seen in some of the footage from the news segment linked below, Brengle is seen talking her boyfriend into some of the bedrooms multiple times and shutting the door behind the them.

In the interview with ABC 7 San Francisco, Brengle claims that she did not have any sexual interactions with her boyfriend, but that doesn't seem to fly very well with the Brown.

On top of that inappropriate behavior, Brengle is also seen yelling at the dogs and not giving them the expected 30/60 minute daily walks.

In response to this complaint, "Wag!" released a statement saying, “The reported behavior in this situation is unacceptable and contrary to our Community Guidelines … We expect everyone on the Wag! platform to conduct themselves professionally.”

According to Brown, the company has offered to pay for cleaning services and for a locksmith for the home. Brengle has been banned from working for the app.

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