Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All... "Shoe Condoms" Are Here

So, you thought the world just couldn't possibly get any crazier...

Neither did we. Until we stumbled across...

"Shoe Condoms".

And yes, it's a real thing.

Apparently some people are so worried about dirtying their sneakers, that a UK online retailer is now selling condoms.... for your feet.

"Luckily these ingenious Shoe Condoms will keep you from ruining your beloved shoes," the product description reads. "Whether at a festival or just doing a particularly muddy commute, these water-proof, dirt-proof keep your feet safe from chlamydia anything life can throw at ‘em."

The company, called Firebox, offers medium or large sizes, both at $10.99.

(That's an expensive condom!)

The product claims to be waterproof, but also states you can put it in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean. Reminder: ONLY wash and reuse your SHOE condoms!

Check out all of the details here.

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