This Neighborhood Wants to Tax Itself to Clean Up Vagrants

Number Of Homeless On San Francisco Streets Rises 17 Percent Over Last Two Years

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What would you do to get rid of the vagrant problem plaguing your city?

People living around Dolores Park in the San Fancisco area are willing to tax themselves more just so they can live in clean streets.

Hans Kolbe a resident of this area took his phone out to record the complete mess left by the vagrants in his town.

His commentary as he records footage of human waste on the streets sounds like this, "This is where I would want to have power washing twice a week, three times a week every day for a while until we stop this".

A tax is on the table and it would tax each homeowner between $100 and $250 a year to clean the streets.

It would also pay to have security on the streets making sure vagrants aren't lying around.

Other residents are skeptical of this tax saying that the city has enough money and they're not using it properly.

One person went on to say, "We have our own private police force. Is it like Rio De Janerio now or Caracas? The police can't do their basic job anymore that we have to hire a private security".

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