White House Revokes $929 Million From California For High Speed Rail


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Well after countless threats to California, the Trump adminstration has finally made good on their word and have cancelled the nearly $1 billion in funding for Gov. Gavin Newsom's troubled high-speed rail project.

Federal Railroad Administrator Ronald Batory confirmed the moved in a letter to the head of the California High Speed Rail Authority. The letter said the administration is officially terminating the Transportation Department's agreement to provide an additional $928.6 million to help pay for the project.

“It is now clear that California has no foreseeable plans, nor the capability, to pursue that statewide HSR System as originally proposed,” Mr. Batory wrote. He added that the state “is chronically behind in Project construction activities and has not been able to correct or mitigate its deficiencies.”

This withdrawal of funds raises the question whether or not California will be able to finish the high-speed rail line using the state's money.

Back in Feburary when the President made the initial threat, Gov. Newsom said this “This is clear political retribution by President Trump, and we won’t sit idly by. This is California’s money, and we are going to fight for it.”

The Governor has declined to make a comment on today's move.

John and Ken have said for months this was a horrible idea. Now it's all coming to light.

Listen to John and Ken's celebration below!

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