Major California Housing Bill Put On Hold Until 2020

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Well it's official, a controversial measure to update local development rules in California by adding dense housing around public transit and jobs centers will not move forward this legislative season.

California's Senate Appropriations Committee announced that they are planning to hold Senator Scott Wiener's SB50 until next year. This would give Wiener more time to make changes and build a stronger divisive bill.

In a statement Wiener said, “We need to do things differently when it comes to housing. We’re either serious about solving this crisis, or we aren’t. At some point, we will need to make the hard political choices necessary for California to have a bright housing future.”

SB50, if passed in 2020, would override some local zoning by making cities allow buildings of at least four or five stories to be located within half a mile of major transits spots. It would also make suburban California remove density limits in wealthy communities with good schools and access to jobs.This would be done so it could raise the possibility of apartments and condominiums in areas that are considered to be single-family neighborhoods.

All sounds great on paper, but even Governor Nuisance (Gavin Newsom) doesn't endore SB50. .

“This is serious stuff, and I admire and applaud Sen. Wiener for his doggedness and leadership,” Newsom said. “Those who oppose it, I appreciate, but what are they promoting as an alternative to address this issue with the kind of certainty and aggressiveness that is required at this moment?”

Sounds like this bill needs serious work. Thank god it wasn't passed.

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