College Students Wins Contest To Be "Judge Judy" For A Day

Imagine the opportunity to be Judge Judy for a day.

We all know this is Mondo's dream.

Well lucky for University of Idaho graduate, Nicole Skinner, she had the opportunity.

After submitting an audition video, she was the lucky winner to be Judge Judy for a day. She got to tour the courtroom, sit in the chair, and even use the gavel.

When asked if she was nervous to take up the gavel, Skinner replied "A little bit, but I'm really excited."

Skinner got to sit through a few cases and was able to hold her own during a case about a fist fight between two friends.

Good news for Nicole. Judge Judy herself approved. "She did a terrific job," she said.

Mark Thompson shares his story of how he was Judge Judy for a day once too.

Wait what...

Listen to the Conway Crew's conversation below:

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