Window Washers Rescued From 50-Story Tower After Winds Sway Them

Oh no! What a scary incident.

Two window washers working on an Oklahoma City high-rise were part of a dramatic experience today after their basket like platform was flung back and forth by the city's heavy winds. They were fifty stories high and a crowd of terrified onlookers witnessed the whole event.

"This is TERRIFYING," an Oklahoma reporter said in a Twitter post. "Two window washers stuck at the top of the Devon Tower, swinging. Fire crews are attempting to rescue them."

Luckily for the men, the Oklahoma City Fire department were able to successfully rescue the window washers.

According to the fire department's spokesman David Macy neither of the two washers sustained injuries in the incident.

The first responders threw balls of coiled-up rope to the window washers and they were able to secure the ropes to pull themselves to the side of the platform.

"We were able to anchor the platform so it was not moving around violently, like it was," he said.

The individuals were saved within 47 minutes.

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