Mom Kept From Newborn After Poppy Seed Bagel Causes Her to Fail Drug Test

Remember when Handel made that Instagram PSA about poppy seed bagels = drug test fails?

Well here's a quick refresher:

It turns out that he was right!

Kind least in the case of a new mother in New York.

Elizabeth Dominguez almost lost her newborn baby to Child Protective Services all because she had a poppy seed bagel for breakfast.

The incident started after Dominguez went into labor just after eating the bagel.

When she went to the hospital to deliver, nurses had her pee in a cup, which is a normal part of the visit.

What wasn't normal for Dominguez was that she'd tested positive for illegal drugs.

"I did a urine test and it came back that I tested positive for opiates...I called my husband freaking out, saying, ‘how is this possible?’ I don’t do drugs."

CPS workers showed up, interviewed her and though her son Carter tested negatively for opiates he had to stay at the hospital for monitoring.

Dominguez says she was later sent a letter from the hospital saying her test was a false positive and was due to the poppy seeds.

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