DSP - Is Russia Supplying Missiles to North Korea?

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan

Last Saturday, North Korea ran some short range missile tests.

Among these tests was a launching of a type of missile called the Iskander. The Iskander has a couple of features that make it more efficient. These include "in-flight maneuverability" that helps make the missile unpredictable in flight patterns and flying at 50km which helps to circumvent defense coverage.

The shooting of Iskander from North Korea leads to one big question: Are the Russians supplying these missiles to Pyongyang?

38north.org gives us three explanations for how North Korea got these missiles:

  1. Iskander was imported from Russia
  2. North Korea bought duplicate missiles from a third party
  3. North Korea was able to clone these missiles themselves

The pictures provided lead many to believe that these missiles originated from outside of North Korea, either from Russia or a different country.

Regardless of where these missiles originated from, this is a sign that North Korea is growing more aggressive in its military might possibly due to the perceived assertion from the US.

To listen to a more in-depth analysis of these events, listen to Bryan Suits talk about it below!

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