Trump Administration Distances Itself from High-Speed Rail in California

People By High Speed Train At Railroad Station Platform

This high-speed rail project has seen nothing but setbacks.

There has been issue after issue with trying to get this thing working and there has been virtually no progress.

The one light for the project was the support given by the Department of Transportation.

But now, the Los Angeles Times reports that Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao has let it be known that the DOT is no longer interested in helping the project.

At CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), Chao has stated that the high-speed rail project is a "bait and switch". She went on to say that the department has the right to ask for a payback on the grants given to California for the project.

The committee heading the construction of the high-speed rail in California has given their view on the rocky relationship in a statement saying that the Federal Rail Administration (a sub-department of the DOT) has not responded to them and this lack of communication has prevented anyone from moving forward.

This doubt stemming from the federal government is nothing new. As far back as the Obama Administration, there have been doubts and pushes for actual progress to be made.

However, nothing has been done.

Now, referring to the grants given to California, Chao says, "On behalf of the American people, we have the right to ask for that $2.5 billion back, as well".

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