Public Sector Workers Are Being Paid Double That of Private Sector Workers

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How much do you make a year?

How much do you think people who work for the government make?

According to the Hoover Institution, the average private sector worker in California was compensated $62,475 while some government workers were compensated $137,058 in 2015.

Essentially, someone is getting paid more in nearly every way for being a government worker.

Why is this?

If you work in the private sector you have to provide some type of value to your company in order to keep your job.

Meanwhile, in the public sector, there is no competition for the government. This means that they can hike up costs when paying employees.

Another big thing is the presence of unions within the public sector which also jacks up pay for government employees.

There is also a "quid-pro-quo" when it comes to unions and the government.

Unions promise votes if officials give unions monetary rewards.

The taxpayer loses.

The only way to end this toxic relationship is if taxpayers and voters put pressure on their elected officials to stop this.

For a deeper analysis, definitely check out that Hoover Institute article.

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