California Receives Criticism over Moratorium on Death Penalty Executions

Rows of Prison Cells

Jason Van Kleef was shot to death in 2001.

Ryan Bonaminio was a police officer and was murdered in 2010.

Susan Jordan was 15 when she was brutally raped and murdered in 1980.

The families of these victims grieved after their losses but knew that there would be justice because the murderers would face the death penalty.

Recently, however, California has put a moratorium on executions. This means that inmates on death row who would normally be executed can rest easy because of this prohibition.

Marilyn Van Kleef, mother of Jason has said, "I can't begin to tell you what the governor has done by doing this". She later went on to say, "So punch me in the stomach again. Make me relive everything".

Joe Bonaminio, father of Ryan, said "The death penalty, to the bleeding hearts of this state, is cruel and unusual punishment. Please do not tell me and my family whose son was brutally murdered that anything less than the death penalty is punishment enough".

There has been pushback on Gov. Gavin Newsom on this issue, but he has held strong in keeping this moratorium in effect.

You can read more about these victims families and the entire situation at

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