A California Housing Bill Could Change the Suburbs in the Bay Area

High Angle View Of Townscape Against Sky During Sunset

Originally, the idea behind SB50 was to build more housing in areas transit-rich areas to help fight back against the housing crisis we have seen recently.

However, the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the bill will also affect wealthy suburbs and that could change the entire look of these areas.

Senator Scott Wiener has said that the wealthy suburbs are going to need to help out with this crisis just as much as everybody else.

He also stated, "This is about gradual change over time to get to a more sustainable housing system".

People living in these areas are not happy about this change.

Cindy Silva, mayor of Walnut Creek said, "Most of the people who came to California from New York in the 19th Century wanted more wide open space".

Now, SB50 threatens that space and may have people living in apartments again.

Instead of focusing on the issues within the cities, citizens of suburbs such as Walnut Creek say that lawmakers are blaming them for the lack of housing in the city.

SB50 was meant to only target jobs-rich areas.

So, how is a suburb job-rich?

According to research by UC Berkeley which was used for the bill, "jobs-rich" essentially means that most people living somewhere have a job.

This means that nearly the entire area is considered jobs-rich and that could mean the end of these suburbs.

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