The Father of FBI Profiling Talks About His Most Chilling Cases

Former FBI special agent John Douglas spent 25 years with the FBI researching, studying and interviewing in person some of the most notorious serial killers in history; Charles Manson, 'Son of Sam Killer' David Berkowitz, 'BTK Strangler' Dennis Rader and 'Coed Killer' Ed Kemper.

Each experience would give him new insight into whatever case he took on next.

As a result, he developed a unique interrogation and profiling process that led to the creation of modern FBI criminal profiling which has been used time and again to crack cases and convict perpetrators of their crimes. His process became legendary and was so successful, that he has spent more than 48 years training other FBI agents and investigators all over the world in his methods.

Douglas has been involved in more than 5,000 violent crime cases, and has said that almost NONE of the killers he spoke to over the course of his career are what he would consider to be 'legally insane.' So what exactly leads them to kill over and over again?

20 years ago, his book Mindhunter, first asked this question and gave us insight into his process. It fascinated readers and helped to inspire movies like The Silence of The Lambs and television shows like Criminal Minds and Netflix's popular series Mindhunter.

In his new book, The Killer Across The Table, Douglas talks about four of the most disturbing cases he encountered during his career, and talks in great detail about each case, what led them to murder and how he used his techniques to expose them and help advance the world of criminal profiling.

Check out his interview with Gary & Shannon.

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