Caltrans Fined After Union Complains About Homeless Camp Cleanup

New Court Ruling Bans Removal Of L.A. Homeless From Public Property

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The union has got to take a stand. Caltrans is taking things to far now...

The International Union of Operating Engineers have filed a complaint with CalOSHA because of their effort to get Caltrans to add protections for workers who are forced to clean up human waste, used hygiene products, used needles, and so much more when they clear homeless camps under bridges and roadways.

Steve Crouch, the union's director of public employees, said this “This is not in their job specifications,” Crouch said. “Caltrans workers were hired to maintain the highways and bridges.”

He makes a point! Why should Caltrans work suffer for cities and the state of California for not handling the homeless problem.

Crouch added that the department should provide training, equipment and a pay bump for workers for being forced to deal with this intense level of human waste. As well, the union wants the department to hire outside contractors who are specialized in biohazards.

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