Video: Snake Bites Man in the Face After Opening Friend's Door

Y'all what in the ever loving hell.

This is the worst story ever and yes if you couldn't tell, I'm not super into it because it features something I HAAAAAAAAAATE.


Absolutely, positively hate them. Nothing is worse for me than snakes.

Which is why I'm bringing you this video of what I would say is my worst nightmare....

A man in Oklahoma got a snake in the damn face when he went to visit his friend.

What appears to be doorbell camera footage captures the whole thing...

He walks up to the door and as he opens the screen, a snake that was wrapped around the porch light jumps out and bites him right above the eye.

After being taken to the hospital, it was found that the snake wasn't poisonous and the man would just have the physical wound to deal with.

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