ICE Officials Arrest Man Charged With Killing Three In DUI Case

Photo: Sutter County Sheriff's Office

Federal immigration agents recently arrested a suspected drunk driver on Tuesday after he was already being charged with driving into a Northern California trailer and killing three of the members in the home on Saturday.

Paul Prince, an U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson, said Ismael Huazo-Jardinez, is suspected of living in the United States illegally. He continued on by explaining that U.S Border Patrol agents previously arrested Huazo-Jardinez in 2011. Back then, he voluntarily agreed to return to his native Mexico.

Obviously, Huazo-Jardinez reentered the United States, but Prince said immigration officials are unaware when he did. They are declining to say where he was when he was arrested Tuesday.

The incident on Saturday night involved Huazo-Jardinez driving intoxicated and speeding in his truck before he lost control and slammed into the Pacheco family's live-in trailer.

The accident killed Jose Pacheco Anna Pacheco and their son Angel Pacheco. The Pachecos’ 11-year-old daughter remains hospitalized in critical condition.

The illegal immigrant was released from the Sutter County Jail on a $300,000 bail after a judge refused the California Highway Patrol's request for a $1-million bail on Sunday.

Luckily, he was arressted again before he could cause further damage.

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