Baby Giraffe With Leg Abnormalities Gets Special Shoes

This is the type of story we needed to hear today.

At the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, a baby giraffe with leg abnormalities was given a special gift today.

He was having trouble taking his first steps, but thanks to his gift (custom-made therapeutic shoes) he can now take his first steps.

Specialists at the zoo came together and crafted the special shoes to help him walk. The shoes are made of high density polyethylene and plywood with grooves for better support on the foot.

"It is well documented in horses and has been reported to occur in giraffes," says Dr. Tim Storms, an associate veterinarian at the zoo.

The unnamed baby giraffe has to wear the shoes for awhile for the continued treatment to work.

"At this stage, the new therapeutic shoes are on a trial basis but I'm hopeful that they will help him walk better. We'll continue refining and improving our approach to find a good balance between supporting his limbs and strengthening his tendons," Storms said.

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