Jared Leto Carried His Own Head At The Met Gala. SMH...

I officially do not understand fashion.

(Now, there's a definite argument that the guy who wears Vans, jeans, and a hoodie every single day may not have ever had a very strong grasp on modern fashion, but if the looks at the Met Gala are any indication of what is "in" now, then I'm much further from fashionable that I originally thought. And I have a feeling that this post may show you how far you are from fashionable, as well.)

Just take Jared Leto, for example.

Forget all the other stuff.

Forget all the girls with their massive dresses, headdresses, and jewelry.

Just stop and look at Jared Leto. (Along with his "dress" and jewelry...)

You may notice that he's carrying something.

Well, that's his head.


I wish I could say that it's never happened before and that it'll never happen again, but since Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele came up with the idea a few months ago, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna go away instantly.


If you want to check out more Met Gala "fashion," go to People

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