Gov. Newsom Wants To Increase Health Care Coverage For Immigrants

In Gov. Newsom's 2019-20 budget plan, he suggests spending nearly $260 million to provide health care to illegal immigrants aged 19 to 25. But where would this money come from? According to the Sacramento Bee, his plan could siphon public health dollars that would otherwise be going towards the treatment of STD's, and even measles outbreaks.

As of May 1, there have been 40 confirmed cases of measles in California.

Providing more health coverage for undocumented immigrants is expensive, and would likely force other existing health clinics to close "at a time when we now have measles cases in the region and we don't want to be shutting those services down," Dr. Peter Beilenson, the county Health Services Director said.

Why would Newsom want to provide more money to immigrants? California already allows undocumented children to participate in Medi-Cal until they're 19... And while the federal government usually helps with the costs Medicaid, California wouldn't have that luxury due to it's large population.

According to director of Placer County's Health and Human Services Department Jeff Brown, moving around the state money "would exacerbate our already limited capacity to respond to outbreaks and public health emergencies."

Newsom is expected to have a revised budget ready by May 14. The state legislature will vote on it this summer.

“I hope there will be some reconsideration,” state Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), chairman of the Senate Health Committee said.

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